Nanndi Homemade Frozen Cream & Pastry Shop Opening at Downtown Dadeland on August 22

PINECREST, FLORIDA – (August 2016) – The highly anticipated Nanndi Homemade Frozen Cream & Pastry Shop has announced that it will be opening at Downtown Dadeland’s urban lifestyle and culinary center on August 22

Nanndi’s frozen cream is a unique, all-natural blend of ice cream and Italian gelato that is handcrafted to produce a variety of exquisite flavors and textures creating a multi-sensory dining experience and putting a unique spin on a classic treat.

Created by Chef Sabrina Mancin and businessman Alain Torres, Nanndi is the latest chef-driven concept to open doors at Downtown Dadeland and will serve as the center’s first shop dedicated entirely to sweets.

Nanndi, whose name is a variation of the Zulu word meaning “Sweet,” will serve frozen cream flavors ranging from classic to the unexpected with some flavors paying homage to South Florida favorites, such as: “María Cookie,” made with the popular María cookies from Latin America; “Key Lime Pie,” a staple of Key West; and “Guava and Cheese,” a Cuban delicacy.

The sweet shop will also serve a diverse selection of fresh pastries made with recipes, ingredients and flavor combinations from around the world along with a variety of dairy free options, fruit sorbets, and low-sugar marmalades and conserves.

A number of other tenants are slated to open doors at Downtown Dadeland in the coming months, some of which include: Chef Jorgie Ramos’  latest concept Barley an American Brasserie, a fusion of rustic Americana comfort food with Latin and Asian influences; The Brick, which will work with James Beard Award-winning chef Allen Susser to create a seasonally inspired menu; Orangetheory Fitness; and the recently signed Ghee Indian Kitchen, which is owned and operated by Chef Niven Patel, the former executive chef at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the diverse culinary lineup that we’ve created at Downtown Dadeland,” said Shane Hillsley, Managing Director of Duncan Hillsley Capital. “There has been a lot of buzz about Nanndi around the area, so we’re excited that the day has officially come for Nanndi to open its doors.”

DHPI LLC was established through a joint venture between Duncan Hillsley Capital and PEBB Capital and has been revitalizing Downtown Dadeland’s 127,635 square feet of retail space since 2014.  Located on 7250 North Kendall Drive, Downtown Dadeland offers a fresh urban vision, bringing together dining, shopping and health & fitness establishments to create a dynamic and vibrant destination.

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About Downtown Dadeland

Downtown Dadeland is an inventive town center consisting of residences, office space, retail and restaurants. Located directly across the street from the highly successful Dadeland Mall, Downtown Dadeland presents a strong mixed use presence in one of the South Florida’s most fervent retail areas. This innovative complex encompasses over 127,635 square feet of retail space and is home to world class dining and shopping accessible by pedestrian friendly walkways and courtyards along with an abundance of complimentary parking available in the underground parking garage. Dadeland’s optimal location adjacent to one of Metrorail’s busiest stations and immediate proximity to neighborhood office, retail and hotel facilities guarantee a steady influx of foot and vehicular traffic to the center.  Downtown Dadeland also offers a fresh, urban living experience with a unique metropolitan feel. The exceptional values found at Downtown Dadeland make this refreshing life attainable to a wide array of young professionals and families, offering a luxurious, convenient lifestyle at an affordable price. All of this makes Downtown Dadeland a very attractive venue in a well-established and bustling suburban neighborhood.

About Nanndi Homemade Frozen Cream & Pastry Shop

Nanndi Homemade Frozen Cream & Pastry Shop is the result of years of preparation and experience from celebrity chef Sabrina Mancin and business visionary Alain Torres. Sabrina masterfully uses her innovation and love for food science to create a unique product that she has branded “frozen cream.” Nanndi’s frozen cream is neither gelato nor ice cream even though the look of it is very similar to Italian gelato. However, our recipes are a mix of both and are uniquely crafted for each flavor by Sabrina to provide incomparable textures and amazing mouth feel with the most intense possible flavors. Nanndi does not use premade mixes and our main goal is to provide customers with a fantastic experience that they will never forget and will make them crave for more.

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